Caraquet Libre Entreposage - Self Storage Ltee

427 Boul. St-Pierre Ouest, Caraquet, NB, E1W 1A3   

Tél.: (506) 726-0051

We suggest that you...

Caraquet Libre Entreposage - Self Storage, Ltee

427, boul. St- Pierre Ouest

Caraquet, NB     E1W 1A3

Email us at :

Call us at :  506-726-0051

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday : 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Gate hours :  6:00 am - 11:00 pm seven days a week.

Contact Us

Stop by any time, we would be happy to show you around and answer and questions you may have.

We are located across the street from the drive in movie theater and Lanteigne Sports.

​Convenient and Accessible Location:

Located at 427 Boulevard St. Pierre West for quick and easy access from all parts of town and surrounding areas. Entry to the facility is controlled with an individual access code. All units are on the first floor.​

Security perimeter fence:

Provides additional security.

Video surveillance:

Enjoy added peace of mind by knowing that our facility is being monitored by a state-of-the-art surveillance system.

Boxes, Moving Supplies and Locks:

You've got stuff. We can help you pack. We want to make your storing process as easy as possible by offering you a one-stop shop for all of your storage needs.

Commercial Storage Space Available:

Ideal for extra business inventory or office inventory. Great for small business storage for plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.

Convenient Payment Methods:

We accept VISA, MasterCard, cash and checks. Payments can be made in person, by mail or through our automatic payment plan.

Many Different Unit Sizes:

Pay only for the space you need.​

Park-Like Atmosphere:

Beautifully landscaped grounds.

Inside and outside storage:

For cars, boats, rv, and snow mobiles.​

Access 7 Days a Week

Exterior Lighting

Customer Referral Program

Package Deliveries Accepted

Clean and Well Maintained

Free Use of Hand Trucks

Why Caraquet Self Storage?

Just Some of the Features We Offer

Welcome to Caraquet Self Storage, we are here to help!

Caraquet Self Storage is ready to help you with all your storage needs.  Stop by between 10 am- 5 pm Monday- Friday & Sat 10 am - 3 pm and say hello & have a cup of coffee on us.

We are sure you will be pleasantly suprised at what you find.

We provide storage for all you residential and commercial needs.

We store Cars, trucks, all vehicles, Campers , RV's, winter/summer tires and so much more.

For Questions or reservations email us at: OR Call us at 506-726-0051

Visit our facebook page.  Don't forget to click Like to learn the latest and special facebook offers.​

We look forward to helping you with all your storage needs.

Marc Goodin & Ghislaine Plourde

What is self storage?

We rent secure storage rooms for business and personal use. You have control over what is stored in your unit. You own the lock and keep the key.

Who rents self storage?

Our individual users include homeowners preparing to sell their homes, or beginning remodeling projects, automobile, boat, snowmobiles, motorcycle or RV owners storing their vehicles, students going home for the summer, travelers storing household items while out west or overseas, and apartment dwellers or homeowners needing extra space.

Our business clients include lawyers, accountants, and doctors storing office documents, retail businesses storing merchandise, furniture and equipment, and contractors storing construction equipment and building materials.

How to rent from us?

Stop by or give us a call. We'll provide you with current unit availability and prices. If you decide to rent from us, we'll ask you to review and sign our rental agreement. We'll work hard to make your storage efficient and convenient.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, debit card and checks. Payments can be made in person, via the mail, phone or by our automatic credit card payment plan.

Are there any items that I can not store?

Yes, you can not store food or perishable items, flammable items, explosives, hazardous materials. Our lease describes these restrictions in more detail. Please contact us if you have questions on storage of a particular item.

What size storage units do you have?

We rent a wide variety of sizes. Our smallest units are great for storing boxes and clothing. Our largest units can hold the furnishings of a four bedroom house or an automobile. Please see our table of unit sizes.

How long can I stay - or do I have to stay?

As long as you wish. Our rental agreements are based on a month to month tenancy.

What kind of security do you have?

The facility has a perimeter fence with a computer access gate. Our Office Manager is on site 6 days a week. We have cameras located throughout the facility for additional protection.

What are your office hours?

Monday - Friday 10 pm - 5:00 pm
​Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

What are your gate hours?

6am - 11pm 7 days a week​.


"I look forward to answering questions you may have. Just call us at at 506-726-0051." Phillip

We suggest that you don't...

Moving Tips

Determine if you need inside storage or outside parking

Determine the packing accessories that you need, for example: paper, bubble wrap, tape, rope, drop cloths, sheets, etc.

Mirrors, windows and screens should be stored on edges and not flat.

Metal tools and bicycles should be cleaned and wiped with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil to retard rust. Long handled tools such as rakes, shovels, and hoes should be clean, lightly oiled and tied in a bundle.

Place the things you are most likely to need closest to the door for easy access.

Wrap plates, saucers, and bowls individually before placing them in a dishpack. You should also use a dishpack divider for increased protection. Fill paper into bottom, top and empty spaces in the carton.

Leave appliance doors slightly ajar. Moisture and mildew will damage your valuables so make sure your refrigerator or freezer is clean and dry.

Use valuable storage space inside appliances for small items.

Avoid excessive wrinkling to your clothes by using wardrobe boxes.

Use free standing shelves to help organize your unit.

Place drop cloths over your items. This helps protect from dust.

Create an aisle down the center of your space for easy access to all of your items.

Come to your storage unit on a nice, breezy day and leave the door open for awhile to help with air circulation.

Give your wood furniture a good coating of polish before storing it.

Fill boxes completely to avoid collapsing. Seal boxes completely to keep dust out.

Use our locks made especially for self storage.  The can not be cut with bolt cutters and you can not lock your key in your unit.

We recommend mattress covers for all bedding. Mattress covers, boxes, and assorted moving supplies are available in our offices.

Place more valuable items in the back of your space and have the furniture towards the front. If you are storing for a long period, especially during seasonal changes, remember to place items you might need where you can get to them.

Inventory your valuable items prior to storing and keep a copy of the inventory with you. If you have valuable antiques, you may want to photograph the items being stored.

When placing upholstered items or bedding in your space, use pallets or pieces of wood to avoid contact with concrete or metal.

Caraquet Libre Entreposage - Self Storage, Ltee


Unit Sizes and Space Estimator

6 Month outside vehicle storage special : $199  12 Month $299

Year round inside tire storage $99/year


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Packing Supplies

We have all your packing moving supplies including:​




Bubble wrap

Wrapping paper

ASSIGNED PARKING SPACES are clearly marked and numbered

WIDE  aisles for easy access


FENCING SURROUNDS the entire perimeter

Compare To

RV Storage

Recreational Vehicle & Boat Parking

Tired of using your garage or side yard or having limited access to your RV?

Caraquet Self Storage Offers You the Solution.

Caraquet Self Storage has outside and inside parking spaces available in several sizes for your RV and boat storage needs.  All spaces will be open and un-blocked and will allow you to come and go as you please.

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What can I put in there?

Qu'est-ce que je peux  y entreposer?

Outside Parking Spaces

10' x 20'

10' x 30'

12' x 35'

12' x 40'

13' x 60'

Recreation Vehicle (RV) and Boat Features Include:

Never use boxes that once contained food, cosmetics, or liquor. They have an odor and can attract rodents.​

Never store any food items. Food attracts pests.

Don't use printed newspapers. The ink may smudge onto your belongings.

Don't pack your boxes so that they are too heavy to carry.

Don't assume that your homeowners or renters insurance will cover your belongings while in storage.

Don't give out your password, gate code, or any information to anyone that is not listed as having "Access."

Don't forget to clean appliances before you store them.

Don't store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil or gasoline.

Avoid storing items such as glass water filled globes during the winter - they may freeze. Avoid storing items such as candles during the hot weather - they could melt.

Unit Size


Small Closet 

4' x 8' Trailer

Small furniture or appliances, boxed items, archived documents and records.​


Walk-in Closet

6' x 12' Trailer

A room of furniture, for example couch, chair, dresser, bed.


10' Moving Truck

One to two rooms of furniture or tools/garage items.  This unit   is also the perfect size for business inventory.       


15' Moving Truck

Furnishings of a one bedroom apartment.  Canhandle up to 300 file boxes.

Large Bedroom

20' Moving Truck

Furnishings of a two bedroom apartment(Commercial Use)

One Car Garage

24' Moving Truck

Furnishings of a three bedroom house or a vehicle (Commercial Use)

Long One Car Garage 

26' Moving Truck

Furnishings of a 3-5 bedroom home or a vehicle and motorcycle.(Commercial Use)


Drive Through​                                                     

Long One Car Garage​

40' Moving Truck                                                                                                

Furnishings of a 3-5 bedroom home, a vechicle and a motorcycle, or contents of a 40 ft. moving van (Commercial Use)